Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Diagnosis and repair workflow

Repair Work Flow


WT-5, "Preliminary Check"

WT-52, "Self-Diagnosis (With CONSULT-III)" WT-53, "Self-Diagnosis (Without CONSULT-III)"

WT-55, "Symptom Table"



Interview the customer to obtain detailed information about the symptom.

>> GO TO 2


Perform preliminary check. Refer to WT-5, "Preliminary Check" >> GO TO 3


Perform SELF-DIAGNOSIS. Refer to WT-52, "Self-Diagnosis (With CONSULT-III)" or WT-53, "Self-Diagnosis (Without CONSULT-III)".

>> GO TO 4


Check for symptoms. Refer to WT-55, "Symptom Table".

>> GO TO 5


Repair or replace the applicable parts.

>> GO TO 6


1. Perform a drive test.

2. Check the low tire pressure warning lamp.

>> GO TO 7


Perform SELF-DIAGNOSIS. Refer to WT-52, "Self-Diagnosis (With CONSULT-III)" or WT-53, "Self-Diagnosis (Without CONSULT-III)".

Are any DTC's displayed? YES >> GO TO 5

NO >> Inspection End

    Inspection and adjustment
    Preliminary Check 1.TIRE PRESSURE Check all tire pressures. Refer to WT-70, "Tire". Do tire pressures match specification? YES >> GO TO 2 NO >> Adjust tire pressure to spe ...

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