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Nissan Altima (L34) 2019-2024 Owners Manual: Opener operation

Nissan Altima L34. Trunk lid
Instrument panel


Nissan Altima L34. Trunk lid
Intelligent Key

Nissan Altima L34. Trunk lid
Trunk opener switch (if so equipped)

To open the trunk lid perform one of the following after unlocking all doors:

To close the trunk lid, lower and push the trunk lid down securely.


Request switches (if so equipped) for all doors and trunk can be deactivated when the Ext Door Switch or I-Key Door Lock feature is switched to OFF in the "Vehicle Settings" of the vehicle information display. For additional information, see "Vehicle information display - 5 inch (13 cm) Type A (if so equipped)" or "Vehicle information display - 7 inch (18 cm) Type B (if so equipped)".

Trunk lid


Interior trunk lid release

WARNING Closely supervise children when they are around cars to prevent them from playing and becoming locked in the trunk where they could be seriously injured. Keep the car locked, with the rear s ...