Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Function information

Component Part Location


1. A/C compressor F3

2. Refrigerant pressure sensor E219

3. A/C relay (internal to IPDM E/R)

1. A/C compressor F3

2. Refrigerant pressure sensor E219

3. A/C relay (internal to IPDM E/R)


1. Intake door motor M126

2. Front blower motor relay J-4

3. Air mix door motor M130

4. Mode door motor M127

5. Blower motor M31

Component’s Role

    Air conditioner control
    System Diagram CONTROL SYSTEM The control system consists of input sensors, switches, front air control and outputs. The relationship of these components is shown in the figure below: System ...

    Other materials:

    Rear-facing child restraint installation using the seat belts
    WARNING The three-point seat belt with Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) must be used when installing a child restraint. Failure to use the ALR mode will result in the child restraint not being properly secured. The restraint could tip over or be loose and cause injury to a child in a sudde ...

    TCM branch line circuit
    Diagnosis Procedure INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1.CHECK CONNECTOR 1. Turn the ignition switch OFF. 2. Disconnect the battery cable from the negative terminal. 3. Check the following terminals and connectors for damage, bend and loose connection (unit side and connector side). - TCM - Harnes ...

    Engine compartment check locations
    QR25DE engine 1. Power steering fluid reservoir 2. Engine coolant reservoir 3. Engine oil filler cap 4. Brake fluid reservoir 5. Air cleaner 6. Fuse block/ Fusible links 7. Battery 8. Engine oil dipstick 9. Radiator cap 10. Drive belt location 11. Windshield-washer fluid reservoir VQ ...