Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Hydraulic line

QR25DE : Exploded View

CAUTION: Securely insert harness connector to pressure sensor.

1. Reservoir tank

1. Reservoir tank

2. Reservoir tank bracket

3. Suction hose

4. High-pressure hose

5. Oil pump assembly

6. Steering gear assembly

7. Low pressure piping

8. High pressure piping

9. O-ring

10. Eye-bolt

11. Copper washer

12. Eye-joint (assembled to high-pressure side hose)

13. Pressure sensor

14. Oil pump bracket to engine block mounting point

QR25DE : Removal and Installation

QR25DE : Removal and Installation


Refer to ST-21, "QR25DE : Exploded View" for removal procedure.


    Power steering oil pump
    QR25DE : Exploded View 1. Rear bracket 2. Pump assembly 3. Front bracket Removal and Installation REMOVAL 1. Drain power steering fluid from reservoir tank. 2. Remove undercover using power ...

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