Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: On-vehicle repair




1. Open glass lid assembly fully.

2. Visually check for proper installation, damaged/deteriorated components, or foreign objects within mechanism.

Correct as required for smooth operation.

3. Check for grease at the wind deflector arm (1) and pivot areas. If necessary, apply a sufficient amount of grease for non-binding operation.

4. Check that the wind deflector (1) moves freely within the sunroof

4. Check that the wind deflector (1) moves freely within the sunroof unit assembly while manually pressing down and releasing. If a malfunction is detected, remove the sunroof unit assembly and visually inspect; refer to RF-91, "Inspection". If damage is found, replace either wind deflector (1) or sunroof unit assembly as required.



NOTE: Before replacing a suspect part, make sure it is the source of noise being experienced.

1. Check link to determine if coating film has peeled off excessively enough that substrate is visible. Check also to determine if link is the source of noise. Replace as necessary.

2. Visually check to determine if a sufficient amount of grease has been applied to wire or rail groove. If not, add grease as required.

3. Check wire for any damage or deterioration. If any damage is found, replace sunroof unit assembly.


1. Visually check weatherstrip for damage, deterioration, or deformation.

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