Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: P0127 IAT sensor


The intake air temperature sensor is built-into mass air flow sensor (1). The sensor detects intake air temperature and transmits a signal to the ECM.

The temperature sensing unit uses a thermistor which is sensitive to the change in temperature. Electrical resistance of the thermistor decreases in response to the temperature rise.

<Reference data>

<Reference data>

*: These data are reference values and are measured between ECM terminal 50

*: These data are reference values and are measured between ECM terminal 50 (Intake air temperature sensor) and ground.


CAUTION: Do not use ECM ground terminals when measuring input/output voltage. Doing so may result in damage to the ECM's transistor. Use a ground other than ECM terminals, such as the ground.

DTC Logic





If DTC Confirmation Procedure has been previously conducted, always turn ignition switch OFF and wait at least 10 seconds before conducting the next test.

TESTING CONDITION: This test may be conducted with the drive wheels lifted in the shop or by driving the vehicle. If a road test is expected to be easier, it is unnecessary to lift the vehicle.

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1. Wait until engine coolant temperature is less than 96<ul></ul></table></ul><div style=

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