Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Recommended fluids and lubricants

Fluids and Lubricants

1: For further details, see “Engine Oil Recommendation”.

*2: Using automatic transmission fluid other than Genuine NISSAN CVT Fluid NS-2 will damage the CVT, which is not covered by the NISSAN new vehicle limited warranty.

*3: DEXRONTM VI type ATF or Canada NISSAN Automatic Transmission Fluid may also be used.

*4: Available in mainland U.S.A. through a NISSAN dealer.

*5: For further details, see "Air conditioning specification label".

Engine Oil Recommendation

NISSAN recommends the use of an energy conserving oil in order to improve fuel economy. Select only engine oils that meet the American Petroleum Institute (API) certification and International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) certification and SAE viscosity standard. These oils have the API certification mark on the front of the container. Oils which do not have the specified quality label should not be used as they could cause engine damage.

1. API certification mark

2. API service symbol


The engine cooling system is filled at the factory with a high-quality, long life, year-round, anti-freeze coolant solution. The anti-freeze solution contains rust and corrosion inhibitors. Therefore, additional cooling system additives are not necessary.

CAUTION: • When adding or replacing coolant, be sure to use only Genuine NISSAN Long Life Anti-freeze coolant or equivalent with the proper mixture ratio of 50% anti-freeze and 50% demineralized water or distilled water.

• Other types of coolant solutions may damage your cooling system.

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