Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Camshaft

Removal and Installation

1. Camshaft bracket (No.1)

1. Camshaft bracket (No.1)

2. Washer

3. Front cover (partial view)

4. Chain guide

5. Chain tensioner

6. O-ring(s)

7. Chain tensioner spring

8. Chain tensioner plunger

9. IVT control solenoid valve

10. IVT control cover

11. Camshaft sprocket (EXH)

12. Camshaft sprocket (INT)

13. Valve lifter

14. Camshaft (EXH)

15. Camshaft (INT)

16. Camshaft brackets (EXH)

17. Camshaft brackets (INT)

18. Camshaft sensor bracket

A. Follow installation for tightening steps


1. Remove the rocker cover. Refer to EM-39, "Removal and Installation".

2. Remove the front right side tire and wheel. Refer to WT-66, "Adjustment".

3. Remove the RH splash shield using power tool.

4. Remove the drive belt. Refer to EM-16, "Removal and Installation".

5. Remove the power steering reservoir. Refer to ST-19, "QR25DE : Exploded View".

6. Remove the coolant overflow reservoir tank.

7. Disconnect variable timing control solenoid and camshaft sensor harness connectors.

8. Remove camshaft sensor.

9. Remove camshaft sensor bracket.

10. Loosen the IVT control cover bolts in the order as shown.

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Rocker cover
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Timing chain
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