Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Cylinder head

Removal and Installation

1. Cylinder head

1. Cylinder head

2. Cylinder head gasket

3. Cylinder head bolt

A. Follow installation procedure


1. Remove the engine and transaxle assembly. Refer to EM-72, "Removal and Installation".

2. Remove the timing chain. Refer to EM-52, "Removal and Installation".

3. Remove the camshafts. Refer to EM-41.

4. Remove spark plugs. Refer to EM-14, "Removal and Installation".

5. Remove the exhaust manifold and three way catalyst. Refer to EM-30, "Removal and Installation".

6. Remove cylinder head loosening bolts in the order as shown, using power tool.

7. If necessary to transfer to new cylinder head or remove for reconditioning, remove the intake manifold collector, intake manifold, and fuel tube assembly. Refer to EM-66, "Disassembly and Assembly".



Outer Diameter of Cylinder Head Bolts

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