Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Diagnosis and repair workflow

Repair Work Flow


WT-5, "Preliminary Check"

WT-52, "Self-Diagnosis (With CONSULT-III)" WT-53, "Self-Diagnosis (Without CONSULT-III)"

WT-55, "Symptom Table"



Interview the customer to obtain detailed information about the symptom.

>> GO TO 2


Perform preliminary check. Refer to WT-5, "Preliminary Check" >> GO TO 3


Perform SELF-DIAGNOSIS. Refer to WT-52, "Self-Diagnosis (With CONSULT-III)" or WT-53, "Self-Diagnosis (Without CONSULT-III)".

>> GO TO 4


Check for symptoms. Refer to WT-55, "Symptom Table".

>> GO TO 5


Repair or replace the applicable parts.

>> GO TO 6


1. Perform a drive test.

2. Check the low tire pressure warning lamp.

>> GO TO 7


Perform SELF-DIAGNOSIS. Refer to WT-52, "Self-Diagnosis (With CONSULT-III)" or WT-53, "Self-Diagnosis (Without CONSULT-III)".

Are any DTC's displayed? YES >> GO TO 5

NO >> Inspection End

    Inspection and adjustment
    Preliminary Check 1.TIRE PRESSURE Check all tire pressures. Refer to WT-70, "Tire". Do tire pressures match specification? YES >> GO TO 2 NO >> Adjust tire pressure to spe ...

    Other materials:

    Satellite radio tuner
    Removal and Installation - Coupe REMOVAL 1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. 2. Remove the trunk floor carpet and spare tire cover. Refer to INT-23, "Removal and Installation". 3. Remove the LH trunk floor spacer. 4. Remove the satellite radio tuner assembly nuts (B), ...

    BCM branch line circuit
    Diagnosis Procedure INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1.CHECK CONNECTOR 1. Turn the ignition switch OFF. 2. Disconnect the battery cable from the negative terminal. 3. Check the terminals and connectors of the BCM for damage, bend and loose connection (unit side and connector side). Is the inspect ...

    B210b starter control relay
    Description Starter control relay, integrated in IPDM E/R, permits the starter relay operation when in N or P position and the steering is locked or unlocked. It is installed in parallel with the starter relay. DTC Logic DTC DETECTION LOGIC NOTE: • If DTC B210B is displayed with DTC U10 ...