Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Diagnosis system (TCM)


CONSULT-III can display each diagnostic item using the diagnostic test modes shown below



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Engine Brake Adjustment

CAUTION: Mode of “+1”“0”“−1”“−2”“OFF” can be selected by pressing the “UP”“DOWN” on CONSULT-III screen.

However, do not select mode other than “0” and “OFF”. If the “+1” or “−1” or “–2” is selected, that might cause the irregular driveability.

Check CVT Fluid Deterioration Date

CAUTION: Touch “CLEAR” after changing CVT fluid, and then erase “CVTF DETERIORATION DATE”.


After performing self-diagnosis, place check marks for results on the TM-264, "Diagnostic Work Sheet". Reference pages are provided following the items.

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Refer to TM-399, "DTC Index".


Display Items List

Diagnostic Tool Function


Refer to EC-134, "Diagnosis Tool Function" (for California), EC-663, "Diagnosis Tool Function" (except for California)

    On board diagnostic (OBD) System
    Diagnosis Description DESCRIPTION The CVT system has two self-diagnostic systems. The first is the emission-related on board diagnostic system (OBD-II) performed by the TCM in combination wit ...

    Other materials:

    B2617 Starter relay circuit
    Description Located in IPDM E/R, it runs the starter motor. The starter relay is turned ON by the BCM when the ignition switch is in START position. IPDM E/R transmits the starter relay ON signal to BCM via CAN communication. DTC Logic DTC DETECTION LOGIC NOTE: • If DTC B2617 is display ...

    The parking brake release warning continues sounding, or does not sound
    Description • The parking brake warning buzzer sounds continuously during vehicle travel though the parking brake is released • The parking brake warning buzzer does not sound at all even though driving the vehicle with the parking brake applied. Diagnosis Procedure 1. CHECK PARKING B ...

    Disassembly and assembly
    DOOR MIRROR Exploded View 1. Door mirror cover 2. Mirror housing assembly 3. Mirror glass and holder Disassembly 1. Turn the mirror glass surface upward. 2. Apply a protective tape (A) to mirror housing. Insert a suitable tool (B) into the concave gap between the mirror holder (1) and ...