Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Drive belts

Checking Drive Belts

1. Power steering pump

2. Drive belt auto-tensioner

3. Crankshaft

4. Idler pulley

5. A/C compressor pulley

6. Generator pulley

7. Idler pulley

8. Drive belt

A. Indicator

B. Possible use range (for new belt)

C. Belt replacement

WARNING: Inspect and check the drive belts with the engine off.

1. Inspect belt for cracks, fraying, wear or oil adhesion. If necessary, replace with a new one.

2. Rotate the crankshaft pulley two times then check the belt tension.

NOTE: • Inspect drive belt tension when engine is cold.

Tension Adjustment

• Belt tension is not manually adjustable, it is automatically adjusted by the drive belt auto-tensioner.

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