Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Driver air bag module

Exploded View

1. Steering switch connector

1. Steering switch connector

2. Steering switch ground connector

3. Steering switches

4. Driver air bag module

5. Driver air bag module connectors

6. Side lid (RH/LH)

A. Steering switch screw

B. Driver air bag module bolt (RH/LH)

Removal and Installation



    Spiral cable
    Removal and Installation REMOVAL CAUTION: ...

    Other materials:

    B2619 BCM
    Description BCM requests IPDM E/R to supply power to steering lock unit. After receiving the power, the steering lock unit transmits an ON signal to BCM. DTC Logic DTC DETECTION LOGIC DTC CONFIRMATION PROCEDURE 1.PERFORM DTC CONFIRMATION PROCEDURE 1. Press the push-button ignition switch ...

    P2127, P2128 APP Sensor
    Description The accelerator pedal position sensor is installed on the upper end of the accelerator pedal assembly. The sensor detects the accelerator position and sends a signal to the ECM. Accelerator pedal position sensor has two sensors. These sensors are a kind of potentiometer which tran ...

    Power steering fluid
    Check the fluid level in the reservoir. The fluid level should be checked when the fluid is cold at fluid temperatures of 0 to 30ºC (32 to 86ºF). The fluid level can be checked with the level gauge which is attached to the cap. To check the fluid level, remove the cap. The fluid ...