Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Driver air bag module

Exploded View

1. Steering switch connector

1. Steering switch connector

2. Steering switch ground connector

3. Steering switches

4. Driver air bag module

5. Driver air bag module connectors

6. Side lid (RH/LH)

A. Steering switch screw

B. Driver air bag module bolt (RH/LH)

Removal and Installation



    Spiral cable
    Removal and Installation REMOVAL CAUTION: ...

    Other materials:

    Operating range
    The Intelligent Key functions can only be used when the Intelligent Key is within the specified operating range from the request switch 1 . When the Intelligent Key battery is discharged or strong radio waves are present near the operating location, the Intelligent Key system’s operating ...

    BSW/LDW automatic deactivation
    When dirt, rain or snow cannot be removed by the automatic washer and blower and accumulates on the camera, making it impossible to detect the vehicles or the lane markers, the BSW and/or LDW system will be turned off automatically. The BSW light (white) and/or LDW light (white) will blink, ...

    Oil cooler
    Removal and Installation 1. Oil filter 2. Oil cooler bolt 3. Water pipe 4. Water hose 5. Oil cooler 6. O-ring 7. Oil pan 8. Water pipe 9. Relief valve 10. Water drain plug 11. Copper gasket 12. Water connector WARNING: Be careful not to get burned, engine coolant and engine oil may ...