Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Horn


Horn (high/low) is located inside of front bumper and operates when theft warning system is in alarm phase.

Component Function Check


1. Select HORN in “ACTIVE TEST” mode with CONSULT-III.

2. Check the horn (high/low) operation.

Is the operation normal? YES >> Inspection End.

NO >> Refer to SEC-120, "Diagnosis Procedure".

Diagnosis Procedure


Check horn function with horn switch Do the horns sound? YES >> GO TO 2

NO >> Refer to HRN-3, "Wiring Diagram - Coupe".


1. Turn ignition switch ON.

2. Perform “ACTIVE TEST” (“HORN”) with CONSULT-Ill.

3. Using an analog voltmeter or an oscilloscope, check voltage between IPDM E/R connector E17 terminal 44 and ground.

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> Repair or replace harness between IPDM E/R and horn relay.

NO >> GO TO 3.


1. Turn ignition switch OFF.

2. Disconnect IPDM E/R and horn relay connector.

3. Check continuity between IPDM E/R harness connector and horn relay harness connector.

4. Check continuity between IPDM E/R harness connector and ground.

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> GO TO 4

NO >> Repair or replace harness.


Refer to GI-42, "Intermittent Incident".

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> Replace IPDM E/R.Refer to PCS-48, "Removal and Installation".

NO >> Repair or replace the malfunctioning part.

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