Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Inspection and adjustment



This mode is used to modify the side distance guidelines if they are dislocated from the rear view monitor image, because of variations of body/camera mounting conditions.

Special Repair Requirement

1. Create a correction line to modify the screen.

Draw lines on the rearward of the vehicle passing through the following points: 200 mm (7.87 inch) from both sides of the vehicle, and • *1: 0.5 m (1.5 feet) • *2: 1 m (3 feet) • *3: 2 m (7 feet) • *4: 3 m (10 feet) and from the rear end of the bumper

2. With the ignition switch OFF, connect CONSULT-III, then turn ignition switch ON. Select “REARVIEW CAMERA”.

CAUTION: Stop engine for safety when correcting side distance guideline.

3. Shift the selector lever to R position.


5. Touch “UP” or “DOWN”, and select the guide line, “PATTERN NO. 0” or “PATTERN NO. 1”, which is the closest to the corrected line.

6. Touch “SAVE”, and confirm the guide line.

7. Touch “END”.

8. Touch “ADJ GUIDELINE POSITION” under the “WORK SUPPORT” menu.

9. Adjust the guide line touching “X UP”, “X DOWN”, “Y UP” or “Y DOWN” so that the corrected line can fit the guide line.

10. Touch “SAVE”, and confirm the guide line.

11. Touch “END” to finish correcting.

    Diagnosis and repair workflow
    Work Flow OVERALL SEQUENCE • Reference 1··· Refer to AV-289, "CONSULT - III Function (MULTI AV)". • Reference 2··· Refer to AV-424, "Symptom Table". DETAILED FLOW ...

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