Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Power generation voltage variable control system operation inspection

Inspection Procedure

CAUTION: When performing this inspection, always use a charged battery that has completed the battery inspection.

(When the charging rate of the battery is low, the response speed of the voltage change will become slow. This can cause an incorrect inspection.)


Perform ECM self-diagnosis with CONSULT-III. Refer to EC-125, "CONSULT-III Function" (QR25DE for California), EC-654, "CONSULT-III Function" (QR25DE except for California) or EC-1155, "CONSULT-III Function" (VQ35DE).

Self-diagnostic results content

No malfunction detected>> GO TO 2

Malfunction detected>> Check applicable parts, and repair or replace corresponding parts.


1. Connect CONSULT-III and start the engine.

2. The selector lever is in

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