Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Replacement operations


This section is prepared for technicians who have attained a high level of skill and experience in repairing collision- damaged vehicles and also use modern service tools and equipment. Persons unfamiliar with body repair techniques should not attempt to repair collision-damaged vehicles by using this section.

Technicians are also encouraged to read Body Repair Manual (Fundamentals) in order to ensure that the original functions and quality of the vehicle can be maintained. The Body Repair Manual (Fundamentals) contains additional information, including cautions and warning, that are not including in this manual. Technicians should refer to both manuals to ensure proper repairs.

Please note that these information are prepared for worldwide usage, and as such, certain procedures might not apply in some regions or countries.

The symbols used in this section for cutting and welding / brazing operations are shown below.

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Precautions in repairing high strength steel
High Strength Steel (HSS) High strength steel is used for body panels in order to reduce vehicle weight. Accordingly, precautions in repairing automotive bodies made of high strength steel ar ...


Other materials:

P0133, P0153 A/F sensor 1
Description The air fuel ratio (A/F) sensor 1 is a planar one-cell limit current sensor. The sensor element of the A/F sensor 1 is composed an electrode layer, which transports ions. It has a heater in the element. The sensor is capable of precise measurement = 1, but also in the lean and ...

P1551, P1552 Battery current sensor
Description The power generation voltage variable control enables fuel consumption to be decreased by reducing the engine load which is caused by the power generation of the generator. The battery current sensor is installed to the battery cable at the negative terminal. The sensor measures t ...

U0140 Can comm circuit
Description CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial communication line for real time application. It is an on-vehicle multiplex communication line with high data communication speed and excellent error detection ability. Many electronic control units are equipped onto a vehicle, and each co ...