Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Seat belt, buckles, retractors, anchors and adjusters


CAUTION: • After any collision, inspect all seat belt assemblies, including retractors and other attached hardwares (I.e. anchor bolt, guide rail set). Nissan recommends to replace all seat belt assemblies in use during a collision, unless not damaged and properly operating after minor collision.

Also inspect seat belt assemblies not in use during a collision, and replace if damaged or improperly operating.

Seat belt pre-tensioner should be replaced even if the seat belts are not in use during a frontal collision where the driver and passenger air bags are deployed.

• If any component of seat belt assembly is questionable, do not repair.

Replace as seat belt assembly.

• If webbing is cut, frayed, or damaged, replace belt assembly.

• Never oil tongue and buckle.

• Use a genuine NISSAN seat belt assembly.

For details, refer to SB-4, "Inspection" in SB section.

• Check anchors for loose mounting

• Check belts for damage

• Check retractor for smooth operation

• Check function of buckles and tongues when buckled and released

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