Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual: Self-diagnosis cannot be performed

Diagnosis Procedure

SYMPTOM: Self-diagnosis cannot be performed.


1. Press ignition switch ON.

2. Set in self-diagnosis mode as follows. Within 10 seconds after starting engine (ignition switch is Pressed ON.), press OFF switch for at least 5 seconds.

NOTE: • If battery voltage drops below 12 V during diagnosis STEP-3, door motor speed becomes slower and as a result, the system may generate an error even when operation is normal. To avoid this, start engine before performing this diagnosis.

• Former STEP-1 (LEDs are checked) does not exist in this self-diagnosis function.

• OFF switch may not be recognized according to the timing of pressing it. Operate OFF switch after turning the intake switch LEDs (REC) ON.

Does self-diagnosis function operate? YES >> Inspection End.

NO >> GO TO 2


Perform a complete operational check and check for any symptoms. Refer to HAC-5, "Description and Conditions".

Can a symptom be duplicated? YES >> Refer to HAC-83, "Symptom Matrix Chart".

NO >> GO TO 3


Check for any service bulletins.

Have any service bulletins been issued? YES >> Refer to appropriate bulletin.

NO >> GO TO 4


Check power supply and ground circuit of front air control. Refer to HAC-61, "Diagnosis Procedure".

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> Replace front air control. Refer to VTL-8, "Removal and Installation".

NO >> Repair or replace malfunctioning part(s).

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